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Past Projects


Collection (2017)

Partially inspired by bower birds, a species that collects trinkets to court mates, Collection is an intimate view of the things we give and receive during relationships. Learn more.


Scheherazade (2017)

This production centered around collaborators of Middle Eastern descent, using the Arabian Night stories as a basis for exploring Islamophobia, terrorism, detention, and the "Muslim Ban." It premiered in Austin, TX at the VORTEX in June 2017. Learn more.

The Mikado: Reclaimed

The Mikado: Reclaimed (2016)

This mostly-Asian American radical adaptation of Gilbert and Sullivan's Mikado used 10 numbers set in an internment camp in the future. It was devised over roughly 18 months and premiered in Austin, TX at the VORTEX in February 2016. Learn more.

Robin Hood: An Elegy

Robin Hood: An Elegy (2015)

This original work commissioned by the GenEnCo was in conversation with the #blacklivesmatter movement by depicting a black Robin Hood who travels through time, living through moments of state-sanctioned anti-black violence in the U.S. It premiered at The VORTEX in August 2015. Learn more.

What's Goin' On

What's Goin' On (2014)

What’s Goin’ On? is an epic journey of many stories inspired by other works (including The Good Person of Szechwan by Brecht), found objects, and Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints. The stories are woven together by the mostly-queer, mostly-people-of-color cast... Learn more.


Sitelines (2013)

Sitelines was a series of short, site-specific, free and public performances devised and developed as an ensemble based on suggestions solicited from the public. Each Sightlines performance ran for roughly 15-30 minutes, with two-week incubation/rehearsal periods for each. Learn more.

The Experiment

The Experiment (2012)

The Experiment was an evening-length play that asked the question, “What does it mean to be human?” We explored this question through the play's surprising, complicated characters: a cyborg, an immortal mutant, and a singing, perverse scientist/lab assistant. Learn more.

Before This Was Texas

Before This Was Texas (2011)

Using collaborative ensemble work to create dramatic movement based on poetry by Austin-based poet Kimberly Alidio, Before This Was Texas explored bodies crossing borders and our relationship to Central Texas. Learn more.

Una Corda: A Ritual

Una Corda: A Ritual (2010)

Una Corda focuses on the emotional ties that we forge with the people who grapple with a terminal disease and the moments that are shared in the space occupied between life and death. Learn more.

Eagle Woman Poems

Eagle Woman Poems (2010)

Eagle Woman Poems navigates the tensions and contradictions that arise for a young, queer, mixed-race Chicana, as she struggles to achieve independence from oppressive legacies of the past... Learn more.

Stuck on Gee-Dot

Stuck on Gee-Dot (2010)

DeeDee and GohGoh's ride needs fixin'. Who knew you could find a good mechanic at a surprise party? They just have to wait for her to show up. An all-women-of-color devised radical adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot... Learn more.

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