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Robin Hood: An Elegy

Robin Hood: An Elegy

August 2015

Written by Krysta Gonzales with parts devised by the ensemble.

This original work commissioned by the Generic Ensemble Company was in conversation with the #blacklivesmatter movement by depicting a black Robin Hood who travels through time, living through moments of state-sanctioned anti-black violence in the United States. It premiered at The VORTEX in August 2015.

Dramaturgy by Toi Scott and Anthony Watkins II. "Little John/LJ:" Lemons Clemons; "Tuck/Tucky:" Saray de Jesus Rosales; "Sheriff/Charles/Officer Notting:" Marina DeYoe-Pedraza; "Marian/Maryanne:" Chelsea Manasseri; "Robin:" Taji Senior-Gipson; "Faery {A}/Percy/Mr. Edwards:" Cameron McKnight; "Faery {F}/Claire/Mama:" Tonya Pennie; "Faery {W}/Lavinia:" Morgan Robyn Collado. Costume and Graphic Design-Graham Cumberbatch; Lighting: Paige Binder; Scenic: Ann Marie Gordon; Stage Manager: Tamara L. Farley. Images taken by Kannou. Puppetry: Love & Monsters Puppet Co. (Camille DePrang, Margaux Binder, Rosalyn Kim Nguyen)

Video credit: Lowell Bartholomee

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