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June 2-17, 2017. Partnering with The VORTEX

SCHEHERAZADE centers around collaborators of Middle Eastern descent, using the Arabian Night stories as a basis for exploring Islamophobia, terrorism, detention, and the "Muslim Ban." In an international airport in "The States," Scheherazade must tell stories to save her life. Interweaving queer love stories in the context of xenophobia, diaspora and fundamentalism, SCHEHERAZADE asks: what are the stories that take us home?

Featuring: Donnesh Amrollah, Laura Baggs, Carine Choubassi, Lemons Clemons, Olivia Jimenez, Laura J. Khalil, Aisha Melhem, Tonya Pennie, Saray de Jesus Rosales, and Jesus Valles. With additional collaboration with Cyrus Bavarian and Shiva Jabarnia.

Directed by kt shorb
Script by the Ensemble, edited by Annie Kim Hedrick and Leena Waarsi
Lighting Design by Rachel Atkinson
Costume Design by E.L. Hohn
Scenic Design by Ann Marie Gordon
Stage Management by Zoë Crabtree
Assistant Stage Management by Jana Zek
Associate Production by Laura J. Khalil and Lemons Clemons

These projects were funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Economic Growth & Redevelopment Services Office/Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future. Visit Austin at

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