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What's Goin' On

What's Goin' On

May 2014, Partnering with The VORTEX

What’s Goin’ On? is an epic journey of many stories inspired by other works (including The Good Person of Szechwan by Brecht), found objects, and Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints. The stories are woven together by the mostly-queer, mostly-people-of-color cast and through the use of site-specific theatre, complete with a roving audience throughout The VORTEX compound. The ensemble examines the juxtaposition of virtue and money along with the dichotomies of good & evil, male & female, wealth & poverty, coercion & consent, and artifice & authenticity. This devised, immersive theatre piece pushes boundaries literally and figuratively by disregarding the fourth wall and consciously engaging or disengaging the audience throughout the performance. The earnest exploration of what virtue truly means when inequality makes “goodness” feel like a luxury will leave audiences inspired to examine within their own worlds: “What’s Goin’ On?”

Directed by kt shorb. Devised by the ensemble, What’s Goin’ On features Morgan Robyn Collado, Kannou, Olivia Jimenez, James McMaster, Smalls McCoy, Saray de Jesus Rosales, and Wendy Vastine. Stage management by Shelina Widner and Tamara L. Farley.

Video credit: Rachel Stuckey

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