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Stuck on Gee-Dot

Stuck on Gee-Dot

January 22-30, 2010 | Lemon Peel Lounge, Austin, TX

DeeDee and GohGoh's ride needs fixin'. Who knew you could find a good mechanic at a surprise party? They just have to wait for her to show up. An all-women-of-color devised radical adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. Set in a deserted house, DeeDee and GohGoh are two queer youth who are waiting for Gee-Dot, She Who Fixes Things.

Directed by kt shorb; Additional Direction by Natalie Goodnow
Saray Rosales as DeeDee; La'arni Ayuma as GohGoh; Natalie Goodnow as Zoe/Lupe; Dramaturgy by Kimberly Alidio; Design by Camille DePrang; Stage Managing and Event Logistics by Kai Bumpus

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